Radcliffe Jewelers

New Tenant Fit Out

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Newark, DE


Project Type:

Fit Out


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Nason Construction recently completed a new high-end jewelry store located at the Christiana Mall in the winter of 2022. Radcliffe Jewelers awarded Nason the job directly forgoing the typical bidding process with multiple other general contractors. In conjunction with E/Line Architecture, Nason was able to take a former anthropology location and turn it into Delaware’s newest Rolex dealership as well as many other high end watch brands like Panerai, Breitling, IWC and Cartier. This project was ultimately conducted as two projects as Nason had to coordinate with the local subcontractors and designers conducting the Multi-Brand showroom fit out as well as coordinating with Rolex and their Swiss design and install team Obrist Interior. Throughout the construction process Nason was able to create and mold connections with new partners in the US as well as in Switzerland. Utilizing the highest quality materials possible, Nason constructed an intriguing façade that led patrons to an inviting showroom as well as comfortable and efficient office spaces for the Radcliffe Team.

While this project is not very large based on square footage it was a large undertaking with every detail needing to be assessed and a major coordination effort between Nason and our colleagues in Switzerland. One of the major changes that occurred on site to allow the Rolex section to function is a major modification to the Mall’s Structural Grid. This work is not visible on site, but it was a massive effort of many hours of planning and coordination with the Mall, Brookfield, Structural Engineers, E/Line Architecture, Rolex, Obrist Interior and Nason. In the end, Nason was able to schedule and coordinate many different subcontractors, deliveries and delays and still allow the client to be able to open and sell merchandise during the holiday season as desired.